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For a long time confined in their role of "small" and without the qualifier "wine", we wish through these international competitions and wine guides to give them all their technical dimension of wine and to bring to the consumers and buyers of the whole world international references of Grand World Rosé Wine of very high quality.

The Grand Rosés Wines of the World presented on this site, have been judged by international experts from the world of oenology, wine, sommellerie, wine tourism, buissness, gastronomy and wines. media across their universe.

The Grand Rosés Wines of the World, a strong label that originates in the Capital of International Reference: MONACO. 
We go beyond the concept to become reality and we find what marks a Great Rosé Wine, daring, magic and power.

Women and Wines of the World - Grand Rosé Wine
Edition 13 - Monaco

Women and Wines of the World -  Monaco

Wines of the World exclusively Tasted and judged by 

International Female Expert 


Grand Gastronomic Rosé Wines of World
Edition 5 -  Paris

Best Gastronomy Wines of the World - Paris

Tasted and judged by  International  Experts 


Grand Rosé Wines of the World - Edition 3 
Session AUGUSTO - Monaco

International Rosé Wine Guide - Monaco

Tasted and judged by  International Experts 


Grand Terroir Rosé Wines Of World - Edition  7 
Brignoles - Provence Verte

Best Terroir Wines of the World  - Brignoles - Provence Verte

Tasted and judged by  International Experts 


Grand Gastronomic Rosé Wine of France 
 Edition 5 - Bordeaux

image contient logo de femmes et vins de france - bordeaux

Women and Wines of France - Bordeaux
Wines from France exclusively tasted and judged by the International Expert Women


Open Monaco 
All Grand Rosé Wine of the World™
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